Dr. Andre R. Clarke, DDS, MBBS

Special Care Dentistry
#80 Nassau Street
PO Box N-9311
Nassau Bahamas
Tel: 242-325-6284 / Fax: 242-325-8260
Email: aclarke@oncologyconsultantsbahamas.com

Dr. André R. Clarke is a General Dentist with an additional degree in General Medicine. Dr. Clarke’s special interest is in Special Care Dentistry, which encompasses dentistry as it relates to the medical patient.

Special Care Dentistry (SCD) is a branch of dentistry that focuses on the provision of oral care rather than on the provision of specific dental procedures. This type of dentistry seeks to address the oral health needs of persons with a range of primary medical conditions. These primary medical conditions may result in the person’s oral health being compromised directly through the condition itself; indirectly though medications being taken; or because of poor access to care. The provision of care for this group of persons is often more complex and time consuming because of the individual’s impairment. Dr. Clarke’s qualifications in both dentistry and medicine make him and ideal oral healthcare provider, to manage these types of patients.

Dr. Clarke’s intensive education and training has been paramount in aiding him to provide oral care for patients with physical, medical, development, or cognitive conditions, which limit their ability to receive routine dental care. His knowledge of general medicine is important for the medical management of the patients presenting with complex health conditions in addition to their cumulative dental problems. It also allows him to identify potential general health issues at an early stage and will allow for collaboration with other health professionals, prior to starting dental treatment. This is beyond the exclusive focus on the teeth and their supporting structures as is practiced by traditional oral healthcare providers.