History & Overview

Oncology Consultants Ltd. began operation in May 2003 under the care of Dr. Theodore Turnquest, Diplomat American Board of Internal Medicine and Oncology. Dr. Turnquest provides Hematology and Medical Oncology services to patients desiring cancer care in the Bahamas and Caribbean. The long term goal has been to develop cancer care services and provide patient care in a compassionate, patient focused setting with the most up-to-date chemotherapy options.

In 2004, Dr. DuVaughn Curling, Diplomat American Board of Internal Medicine, Hematology and Oncology joined the staff. Since then, Oncology Consultants has been committed to providing patients with the most advanced care available thus allowing Bahamians to receive their cancer treatment in a private, comfortable environment. Bahamian cancer patients appreciate the fact that they can receive high quality oncology care locally as opposed to overseas.

Our patient database has grown rapidly over the past nine years as we now cater to patients throughout the Caribbean and the United States as our facility provides world class hematology and medical oncology services. We have also been actively involved in improving the odds for many persons diagnosed with cancer through early detection, proper education and excellent care. To achieve this we:

  • are a dynamic and fast-growing company, embracing the changes that accompany growth;
  • encourage a climate that emphasizes professional enjoyment and initiative;
  • place a high value on leading lives that are professionally and personally balanced;
  • are committed to establishing and retaining strong relationships with the patients and families we are privileged to serve;
  • maintain close dialogue with referring physicians who partner with us;
  • pride ourselves on high ethical standards, consistent with the guiding principles set forth by the medical community.

Most importantly, we pride ourselves on understanding the impact that cancer has on the lives of our patients and their families. We focus on the individual needs of every patient to promote health, hope, and healing.

Oncology Consultants currently accepts all private health insurance plans offered locally as well as international insurance plans. We also set up payment plans for non-insured patients to cover the cost of their treatments. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this.



Hematology & Oncology

“Care for Blood-related Illness & Cancer”

Hematology is the branch of medicine devoted to the study of blood. Oncology is the study of cancer, a class of diseases that causes uncontrolled growth of cells.

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